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Orn-Anong WichaiKhum
Wipada Kunnaviktikul
Petsunee Thungjarealkul
Kulwadee Abhicharttibutra
Apiradee Nantsupawat
Siriluk Wannapong


The aim of this study was to assess social return on investment (SROI) of Chombeung
Marathon Year 2563 using an analysis process of SROI consists of 6 steps as follows: identifying
stakeholders, mapping outcomes, measuring and valuing outcomes, establishing impact, calculating
SROI, and writing report (Davies, Taylor, Ramchandani, & Christy, 2016). Participants included
stakeholders from the public, the private, and social sectors who were 7 event organizers, 104
accommodation, restaurant, and store operators, 11 community volunteers, 15 persons from public
and educational institutions, and 13 runners, resulting in totally 150 participants.
Results revealed that A ratio of social return was 22.54 to 1 Baht invested by using 3.5%
discount rate. The total outcomes were 144,113,735.63 Baht dividing into 18,046,018.05 Baht for
economic outcome, 123,874,561.57 Baht for social outcome, and 2,193,156.00 Baht for environmental
outcome. Social outcomes from running event included increased health, quality of life, province’s
reputation, and confidence. They are beneficial for people in their commu

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WichaiKhum, O.-A., Kunnaviktikul, W., Thungjarealkul, P., Abhicharttibutra, K., Nantsupawat, A., & Wannapong, S. (2022). SOCIAL RETRUN ON INVESTMENT OF “CHOMBUENG MARATHON YEAR 2563”. Journal of Faculty of Physical Education, 25(1), 112–122. Retrieved from
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