Journal of Faculty of Physical Education: J Faculty Phys Educ is a 6-month journal published 2 volumes per year, Volume 1 (January-June), Volume 2 (July-December)

Faculty of Physical Education Journal It is a 6-month journal, published 2 volumes per year. Year 25, volume 2 July - December 2022 published in the Journal of the Faculty of Physical Education. Will be assessed by 3 qualified peer reviewers who are experts in the field of assessment. Which is a double blind (double blind) by the author will be considered for publication after passing the evaluation from 3 experts. The author must pass the assessment from at least 2 experts. However, when passed the assessment from qualified The author summarizes the details of revisions to a research paper or academic article. according to the recommendations of qualified persons according to the schedule already given The results of the editorial review are final.

Vol. 26 No. 2 (2023): July-December

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