About the Journal

Publication policy and scope

Suranaree Journal of Health Science has the following objectives:

  1. To disseminate quality health science knowledge.
  2. To be a medium for exchanging knowledge and experiences in health sciences.
  3. To create academic networks between health professionals and those who are interested.

Article review process: Articles submitted for publication in this journal must have significant academic value. It must not have previously been published in any journal, report or any other publication. Additionally, it must not be under the consideration of other journals. All articles published in this journal have been through the process of an extensive review by 2-3 reviewers (Double-blind peer review). The conclusion of all reviewers must be "Accepted".

Types of the article: Research article, article, review article, case report/case series in the field of health science

Publication Language: Thai, English

Issue date: The journal is published every 6 months (2 issues a year: the first issue: January - June / the second issue: July - December).

Journal Owner: Institute of Research and Development, Suranaree University of Technology

History of the journal:

Faculty members in educational institutions have missions in creating research, innovations and new knowledge that can be disseminated and applied to the public. Publications are therefore important and are one of the main indicators for educational quality assurance. In addition, there are students and personnel who can use publications for their graduation or career promotion.

Suranaree University of Technology has been selected by the Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) to be one of the nine national research universities. It has crucial purposes, namely creating a body of knowledge with world-class quality, effective research management with good governance, and a strategy to solve the problems of the nation. The Suranaree University of Technology recognizes the aforementioned importance. Therefore, it has assigned four institutes of health sciences, including the Institute of Medicine, the Institute of Dentistry, the Institute of Public Health, and the Institute of Nursing. The Institute of Nursing is the main institute creating this Suranaree Journal of Health Science. The journal aims to be one of the quality references for health educators, students in health science, and health personnel from various agencies both domestically and internationally. Finally, it aims to be a part of the university to be internationally recognised.