Peer Review Process

Peer Review Process

Suranaree Journal of Health Science (SJHSci) publishes research articles, articles, review articles, and case reports/case series in the field of health science, undergoing a rigorous peer review process.

1. Screening

The editorial team considers the content of the submitted article to ensure that it is within the scope of the journal.  The format, writing and language are also evaluated.  Plagiarism is checked via Turnitin.  This screening process takes 1–2 weeks.

The submitted article can be rejected during the screening process due to one of the following reasons.

     1.1  The content of the article does not lie within the scope of the journal,

     1.2  There is over 30% of content similarity in the plagiarism-checking process,

     1.3  There is no significant academic contribution,

     1.4  There is no real practical usage from the study or research, or

     1.5  The article is illegible due to poor format, presentation or the use of language.

2. Peer reviewing

The editorial team selects 2-3 reviewers who are experts in the area of the submitted article.  They must also be from a different institution as the author and among each other.  The journal uses a double-blind review.

3. Notification of peer review results

The final decision is made by the editorial team.  Five possible outcomes can be notified to the authors. 

     3.1  Accepted

     3.2  Accepted with minor revision

     3.3  Revised extensively & reconsidered by the editorial board

     3.4  Revised extensively & reconsidered by the original reviewer

     3.5  Rejected

4. Revision

The authors must revise the article following the reviewers’ comments unless they have convincing reasons not to comply. The editorial team will then evaluate the revised article.  Language check and editing services are recommended. A certificate of professional language editing is required, if necessary.