Nakhonphanom Personal Health Record : NPHR


  • Pintip Saiklang Computer and Information Center, Nakhonphanom Hospital


Personal Health Record, Electronic Health Record, Android, IOS


Personal Health Record system and Electronic Medical Record were conjunctively developed and connected to the HIS system that records medical health history. This is an internet online functioning on Android operating system, which can be accessed anywhere and anytime. It has an immediate interchanging data standard, accuracy, safety, and confidentiality. Patients can beneficially gain supportive medical care and personal health care. The program components include details of medical health history, annual physical checkup report, laboratory findings with normal reference values, radiology reports, body weight, height, BMI, blood types, doctor’s appointment, history of drug allergy, and history of vaccinations. Patient’s information within the program is also useful for health care providers, although the patients who receive health services from other hospitals, the doctor still has decision making based on sufficient data provided. As the data are received accurately and quickly via this program, then the staff’s workload can be reduced. When the annual physical checkup report is recorded in the HIS system, the report is also linked to the NPHR program. Sequentially, the annual checkup report could be received by the patients without unnecessary traveling directly to the hospital. Electronic medical health records have been registered personally since March 01, 2562. There 328 people were reported that they could not complete registration on IOS operating system because it was not flexible by Xamarin tool. This was an obstacle for further development. However, it was replaced by React Native that used to support both Android and IOS operative systems effectively.




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