Reducing waiting time out patient department service in community hospital


  • Prawat Kithammakunnit Dan Makham Tia Hospital, Kanchanaburi


Waiting time, Out patient department, Service level agreement, Community hospital


Waiting time for an outpatient department in a government hospital is a pain point for everyone. There is a lot of problem solving for reducing wait times but almost unfulfilled. Most hospitals are congested, waiting time
exceeds 3 hours. This is a vicious cycle. Danmakhamtia Hospital is moving towards digital transformation. Paperless, Kiosks for self-registration, vital sign automation, online registration, electronic queues have been implemented. Queue displays represent a very high investment cost, but can only reduce the waiting time by a few minutes. Congestion of patients remains a proble. We plan to change the work process to reduce wait times.
We are able to reduce waiting times and we can guarantee time for patient service. The total duration of the OPD time is less than 30 minutes. The patient was satisfied with our medical service.




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