Development of automatic queue system Nakhonphanom Hospital


  • Pintip Saiklang Computer and Information Center, Nakhonphanom Hospital


The information technology was implemented for data interchange to enhance service efficiency, in terms of comfort and speed, of the outpatient unit. The services had done by reducing the working process, time, and congestion. Consequentially, the clients and service providers were well facilitated. It could resolve issues of the complicated working process, client identification error, and long waiting time to consult doctor occurrent by HIS system (HOSxP) as well as the problem of doctor's appointment system. Therefore, the automatic queue machine that links the hospital's database was designed to facilitate the clients by using the concept of process flow adjustment. A "Single Queue" is a digital ticket with only one queue number that can be taken since the clients have entered into the hospital until they left. This can resolve the queuing process, which is in the transition from one service point to another. The smart card is linked with the household registration data for detecting basic personal information. The cleint's health care insurance is further shared by the National Health Security Office (NHSO), Thailand. Clients were taken to the doctor based on disease types with HIS (HOSxP) system linkage. In the meanwhile, the basic personal and health insurance data have been improved in the HIS system. The ticket printing out process is taken around 5-15 seconds and clients will be guided to the doctor's examination room. Their names list will be called out and presented on a smart TV. Alternatively, the QR code is on the ticket that will be scanned by App Line for checking the queue. Then, the clients could manage their time before meeting the doctor without unnecessary waiting in front of the examination room. Nevertheless, they are ensured to meet the doctor according to their queues. In the case of skipping inquiry, the information can be checked and quickly reported by the staff. The project had been implemented from August 01, 2562 until August 19, 2562, as a result, 1,667 people (85.40%) reported either very satisfied or somewhat satisfied out of 1,952 people.




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