Clinical Recommendation for Coronal Restoration of Endodontically Treated Teeth: Direct Resin Composite or Crown/Onlay?


  • Danuchit Banomyong Private Practice, Bangkok, Thailand
  • Ornjira Chailert Naval Dental Center, Naval Medical Department, Royal Thai Navy, Bangkok, Thailand


clinical guideline, coronal restoration, dental crown, endodontically treated teeth, resin composite


A post-endodontic coronal restoration is important to increase the success of endodontic treatment by providing a coronal seal and protection from fracture. The weakening of endodontically treated teeth is caused by significant loss of tooth structure, not from root canal procedures. In other words, the fracture resistance of endodontically treated teeth mainly depends on remaining tooth structure. The teeth with mild to moderate loss of tooth structure may be successfully restored with a bonded restoration (e.g. direct resin composite). In contrast, a more protective restoration such as a crown or onlay/overlay should be placed in the teeth with severely damaged tooth structure. In addition, other risk factors such as tooth type, parafunctional force, or function as abutment for prosthesis should also be considered. In this review, updated clinical guidelines for coronal restoration of endodontically treated anterior and posterior teeth were proposed, based on tooth type and other risk factors.


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