Publication Ethics

Ethics for Authors

  1. Must not plagiarize works and texts of others as your own works or writings. If the other's work is used in your own article, you have to properly academic reference.
  2. The work must not be duplicated and not to publish the manuscript that is still in the evaluation process of this journal to other journals.
  3. Must pay attention to the publishing format according to the regulations of the journal.
  4. Must not falsify information and write it in the article.
  5. If you have funding sources for research, the source of funds must be stated in your articles.
  6. Must notify the editor immediately if any errors are found in your study.
  7. Research in humans or animals is required an ethics certificate from Ethics Committee.

 Ethics for Reviewers

  1. Must keep confidential and do not disclose any or all of the information submitted for consideration to unrelated parties during the evaluation period.
  2. Must not have any conflicts of interest with the author of the article being considered.
  3. Should only consider articles of their expertise.

Ethics for Editors

  1. Adhere to universal ethics in scientific publishing and focus on preventing conflicts of interest between editors, Journal Management Division, authors, and reviewers.
  2. Support academic validity of journal articles with emphasis on newly and clarity of research articles, academic articles, or other works as related to the journal scope.
  3. Provide an article review process from expertise who is well versed in the content of the article, including a confidentiality system during the evaluation process and personal information protection system for reviewers.
  4. Strictly support the review of articles on plagiarism.
  5. Articles must be correct and clear immediately. When incorrect is found in an academic article that has already been published.
  6. Provide channels for authors to write an appeal, if the author has different opinions from the editor's decision including giving explanations or providing information about peer review process.
  7. Prepare complaint channels and reply to complaints as soon as possible.